2012 Most Innovative Product Award online application form
This award focuses on highlighting the most innovative product developed in India for Electronics and Semiconductor Industry. All India based local and global companies can participate in this award.

Selection Criteria
Any company with Electronic product development activity in India can apply. IESA membership is not required.
Product Innovation (Significant portion) should have happened in India.
Companies applying should have a clear “ownership” of the product.
Companies need to provide details of the product.

Any company that has a direct/formal presence in India and does product development in India can apply.

-  Please read the instructions at  http://www.isaonline.org/Technovation2012/guidelines.html before filling in the application form
-  If you have questions, please email to technovation-question@isaonline.org We will get back to you within 48 hours.
-  All supporting documents should be attached/up-loaded with this on-line application in PDF format. If you need to attach multiple      documents for a particular item, please put all documents into one ZIP file and attach the ZIP file
-  Fully completed application forms enable the Award Selection panel to do a proper review and increase your chances of getting         selected
-  Please avoid confidential data like schematics, detailed algorithms etc

This page is for nominating entity information
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Year started:  
Year established product development presence in India:  
No. of employees worldwide:  
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Investor information if any:
(Names of investors <-> Money raised to date)
Executive summary of the Innovation or Intellectual Property created in India (Limit to 75 words)  

Actual or potential market impact:

Specify products already released?

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Patents granted and applied for this innovation, to date  
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Press coverage (Limit to 3):  
Awards received to date, if any
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Customer testimonials, if any
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(Company name <-> Name, address, etc. of contact at customer   <-> Testimonial)
Competing products/companies
(cover performance metrics with competing products)
(Product name <-> Company <-> existing or new product? <-> your comparative analysis)
What makes your enterprise “unique” (in terms of disruptive technology, cost effectiveness, green technology, new business ideas and development practices, challenges overcome, customer traction, market reach, etc  (Limit to 300 words.)  
Any other information of relevance:  

Only online nominations will be accepted. PDF and Word doc has been attached for your reference.

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