IESA, is the premier body for the ESDM industry in the country. Since 2005 IESA has represented the electronics supply chain of systems and design houses that are part of the semiconductor-driven industry.

Over the years the IESA’s Technovation awards have set quality standards for recognizing excellence in ESDM and semiconductor industry. This year's awards, 'Technovation 2012 - Celebrating Excellence in ESDM' has been constituted with an aim to recognize role models and excellence in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) ecosystem. Technovation 2012 will acknowledge, recognize and honor India’s most innovative companies & talent in academia and also provide them with a platform to showcase their successes. Technovation Awards aim to recognize role models and excellence in the Indian Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) ecosystem.
Recognize and honor role models in the ESDM and semiconductor ecosystem.
Focus on organizations that are driving the industry forward through innovation.
Provide a platform for the companies within ESDM ecosystem to showcase their technology and product successes.
Focus on companies with innovative product from India
Recognize contributions from academicians who have propelled R&D
Recognize students and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent
Honor individuals who have created a significant impact in the ESDM industry in India and globally.
Description of Awards
The primary objective of the awards is to “Celebrate Excellence in ESDM” by bringing visibility and public recognition for the Winners who are doing trailblazing work and making noteworthy contributions as part of the Electronics and Semiconductor industry
Award is for work done in India and Innovation happened in India
(except Technovisionary)
Common jury for all award categories.
Winners will display their products at the upcoming EFY 2013 at New Delhi.
Winners will receive an Award Trophy at the well-attended awards. The Awards ceremony would receive coverage in leading newspapers and on TV channels.
Awards ceremony, acceptance speech etc. would be put up on YouTube. The website & link would be updated on WinWire and publicized. Links would be mailed to entire database.
Winners will be publicized at public events that IESA does in the year when the opportunity presents – through SIGNAGE, EXPLICIT MENTION etc.
Winning companies would be spoken about in press interviews given by IESA Executive Council & Secretariat when the opportunity presents
Winners would be highlighted on the HOME PAGE of IESA 
It should be noted that the Jury is at liberty not to select any winner for a particular award is they are not satisfied with the quality of the applications
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