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This award recognizes excellence achieved in IESA’s domains of interest by a research entity such as a laboratory or a department. A research entity such as a laboratory or a department may seek this award by applying through their respective institutes.

This award is a rolling shield that will be given to the winner each year and they will keep it for that year.

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Any laboratory, department or institution operating from India is eligible to be considered for this award.
Nomination and selection process:
There is no nomination for this award. Submit the application form with all relevant details.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to adhere to the process to constantly enhance the prestige of the awards, and they are requested to take the ownership in ensuring proper submission of the application for it to be considered for the award.
The short listed candidates’ data shall be forwarded to the AC for final selection.
The AC will use the metrics defined earlier in the objective assessment guideline to determine the final winners with the administration help from IESA Secretariat, which WILL BE FINAL.
Additional remarks:
Official records of the entire selection process shall be maintained at least for a year (till the next awards cycle is completed).
For any further queries or clarifications, please mail to technovation@isaonline.org
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