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An award for a distinguished Indian academician or researcher for his or her achievements in mentoring or research in the past one year.

The award would honor academicians who have played a significant role either as a mentor or as a researcher in the semiconductor field. The award would take into account his or her contributions in this particular academic year.

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>>Download nomination form pdf format word format
The nominee must be a resident Indian and there is no age bar. The award is to recognize research contributions made in a particular academic year.
Nomination and selection process:
A candidate can apply directly for this award (use the application form) or (s)he can be nominated for this award by an IESA member, by an academician, or by past winners (use the nomination form)
Application forms to be submitted by those who would like to be considered for the awards.
All nominations will be through member organizations or through the previous awardees. All nominations are expected to be in accordance with the guidelines in place (available through Secretariat and the website www.isaonline.org), in the format prescribed.
All nominating organizations or persons must ensure the availability of ALL the needed data, as specified.
There is no limitation with regard to the number of times a person may be nominated.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to adhere to the process to constantly enhance the prestige of the awards, and they are requested to take the ownership in ensuring proper submission of the application for it to be considered for the award.
IESA Technovation Team and Secretariat will review the nominations, and arrive at the shortlist based on the criterion that has been put in place by the Technovation Team for that year’s awards.
The short listed candidates’ data shall be forwarded to the AC for final selection.
The AC will use the metrics defined earlier in the objective assessment guideline to determine the final winners with the administration help from IESA Secretariat, which WILL BE FINAL.
Additional remarks:
Official records of the entire selection process shall be maintained at least for a year (till the next awards cycle is completed).
For any further queries or clarifications, please mail to technovation@isaonline.org
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