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  Domain(s) of Interest to IESA:

While IESA has identified the following subject areas, the list ought to be seen as a representative list only. The overall proposal is to keep an inclusive outlook as long as a certain subject can be identified with semiconductor industry’s emerging and evolving interests.

The representative list of areas of interest to IESA is given below. The Technovation Team and AC are at liberty to consider other areas within the semiconductor eco space.

Analog electronics; digital electronics and logic; power electronics; circuit theory and design; integrated circuits, VLSI, CMOS technologies; MEMS and micro-systems; nano-electronics, molecular electronics and nano tube devices; semiconductor technology including lasers, organic semiconductors; superconducting devices, CAD for VLSI, Technologies related to semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication including areas such as packaging, interconnect analysis, signal integrity.
Semiconductor technology as applied in radio frequency domain, microwave technology, circuits and devices; radar and sonar equipment and systems.
Image processing, image and video coding, image recognition, image motion analysis, digital watermarking; image processing equipment, CCD image sensors; speech processing, speech coding, speech recognition, speech synthesis; audio signal processing; adaptive signal processing; array signal processing; filtering methods and theory.
Communication system theory, information theory, modulation and coding; multiple access communication; network design, planning, routing and management; telecommunication; computer communications (LANs and WANs); multimedia communication; subscriber loops, transmission line links; mobile communication, mobile radio systems, satellite communication systems, spread spectrum communication.
IESA Technovation Team and Secretariat will review the nominations, and arrive at the shortlist based on the criterion that has been put in place by the Technovation Team for that year’s awards.
Optical communication systems and equipment; optical fiber networks; laser optical systems; free-space optical links; photonic switching systems; optical information processing.
Fiber optics, fiber optic sensors and gyros; optical fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers; integrated optics and optical waveguides; optoelectronics, OEICs, microwave photonics; micro-opto-mechanical and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems; nonlinear optics; optical devices and materials including acousto-optical, electro-optical, liquid crystal and polymer devices; optical logic devices, optical computing techniques, quantum optics, quantum computation.
Biomedical communication; biomedical measurement and imaging; biomedical ultrasonics; biomedical electronics and techniques.
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For any further queries or clarifications, please mail to technovation@isaonline.org
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